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Hemi Sync - Discovery Hungary 7 db CD
Hemi Sync course 2

Hemi Sync – Brain wave stimulation
Recognizing positive thinking,
because our thoughts have creative power.
Everything is decided in the head, everything depends on our thoughts,
As an introduction, so you don't get scared and know what it's all about.

About Hemi Sync:

A basic thing, maybe it happened to you too... You really wanted something, with a good feeling, you thought about it many times and succeeded, you reached your goal. It's so simple, we can call this technique positive thinking or the law of attraction. You tuned your brain and thoughts to achieve your goal, that is, your positive energy and the law of attraction worked, which can be enhanced with different techniques. Put simply, this is its essence, because everything is decided in the head, everything depends on our thoughts, because our thoughts have creative power. In order to recognize positive thinking, the recommended book or the filmed version is The Secret

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Relaxing meditation music!

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Vivaldi*, I Solisti di Zagreb*, Musici Di San Marco, Alberto Lizzio – The Four Seasons

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Hemi Sync course 2- Discovery Hungary 7 CD

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